Bikes and skateboards beat a BMW in a time trial with a difference to celebrate zero carbon Britain day.

The event, organised by Transition Town Kingston, aimed to highlight the unsustainable dependence on oil and show how carbon-free vehicles can be efficient and more sustainable.

It took six men, one steering and five pushing, to get the BMW round the Kingston Guildhall circuit but they were outperformed by skateboards, bicycles and a scooter, each powered by one person.

Stephen Bailey, 22, came first on his skateboard closely followed by Kingston pensioner Marilyn Mason on her bicycle at the race on Saturday July 16.

Deprived of its carbon emitting engine the BMW was also thrashed by two other skateboards, a scooter and a bike with a trailer.

The organisers said they were pleased that the time trial confirmed that skateboards and bikes are the most efficient vehicles when only human power is available and said on a longer course bikes would be even better.