A millionaire dentist who used a dead man’s disabled badge to park his Ferrari for free faces being struck off the dental register after a judge ruled he must stand trial for fraud.

Dr Chirag Patel, 33, admitted two charges of misusing the permit on December 8 and 9, 2009.

But he denied a third and more serious count of fraud, which carries a sentence of up to five years imprisonment and could mean he is struck off if he is convicted.

Dr Patel, who lives in a £2m house in Coombe Lane West, Kingston, tried to get the charge, which his lawyers claimed was “irrational and oppressive”, thrown out at South Western Magistrates’ Court today.

However, district Judge Barbara Barnes ruled Wandsworth Council acted properly by pursuing the case and the dentist must return to face trial on September 9.

She said: “I do not find their decision to prosecute vexatious, irrational or oppressive.”

Dr Patel started his first Perfect Smile practice at the age of 23.

He has surgeries in Richmond, Putney, Fulham, Parsons Green and Battersea, with 29 dentists and hygienists.

His lawyers argued Wandsworth Council’s case contradicted its own policy on Blue Badge prosecution.

Hugh Fouthey QC, defending, said: “It’s a policy that’s oppressive in the sense the defendant is being stigmatised with a prosecution under the fraud act in circumstances where Wandsworth Council’s own policy suggests that should not happen.”

Paul Jarvis, prosecuting, handed a list of Blue Badge prosecutions to the judge in a bid to prove the council was not targeting Dr Patel because its staff were “jealous” of his car and wealthy lifestyle.

He said the dentist had the invalid permit for 16 months after its previous owner Virendra Patel, his business partner’s father, died in 2008.

Mr Jarvis said: “The clear inference is this defendant knew or suspected that badge was invalid at the time when he had possession of it.

“He used it on more than one occasion in circumstances where he would not be able to park in that vehicle on that road without buying a parking ticket.”

He added: “Because he is a man of means he could have afforded to pay for a parking ticket or put the car in a multi-storey car park round the corner from his office at a cost of £15 a day.

“That’s the reason why his wealth is relevant.

“This (the list) goes to show he is not a case that is being dogmatically pursued by Wandsworth Council simply because we are jealous that he is a man of money.”