A sustainability-themed version of Top Trumps has been launched at Kingston University.

Eco-construction trumps look at the qualities of different construction materials, such as the toxicity, durability and ease of recycling.

The game was developed over six months as a teaching tool for surveying students, by Kingston University PhD student John Clarke.

Mr Clarke said: “At this stage, my calculations are provoking debate among sustainability experts, which I see as a positive thing – I am taking their feedback on board as I develop the cards.

"When I became interested in eco-construction, one of my biggest challenges was to persuade my Dad.

"He was a self-employed builder who spent his working life trying to keep costs manageable, so it took a while to persuade him that what seemed a more expensive, sustainable building material could make more economic sense in the long run.

"Now Dad’s come round to my way of thinking, I’m confident I can win over anyone."