Documentary makers charting the life of George Best, the football legend known to frequent pubs and restaurants in Surbiton, are appealing for stories and pictures of his life.

Best's career and a footballing legend for Manchester United and Northern Ireland is well known. But the programme, due to air in November, is being made by George's son Callum and looks to shed new light on him as a person.

In the time before his death in November of last year, he was known to drink in the Victoria Pub in Victoria Road, Surbiton, suffering a broken jaw in an attack outside the pub last August.

He spent a lot of time in Surbiton last year, where he and his then-girlfriend Ros Hollidge lived.

Film-makers will pay a fee, if used, for one-off anecdotes, photographs, footage or stories of how he affected people.

ITV producer Alf Lawrie said: "George had both a huge personal charm and a fiery Irish temperament. It doesn't matter if your story is big or small - if it is interesting, revealing or funny, we would love to hear it."

Call Mr Lawrie on 020 7802 9507 to help.