The legendary goat boy of Seething Wells led a barmy parade at the Seething Festival.

Stilt-walkers, wig-wearers and musicians were among the goat boy followers filling Surbiton with dance and song.

The giant figure of Thamas Deeton, who according to urban legend was driven from the town by goat boy Lefi Ganderson, was also on show after being lovingly recreated by festival participants.

The made-up myth was developed by cheese club Homage de Fromage, who have built up quite a following at their regular meetings at the Lamb pub.

Cheesemakers, talcum miners, taxonomists, curriers and water-bearers were all there to celebrate the alleged recent finding that the ancient guild and liveries originated in Seething.

Robin Hutchinson, president of Homage de Fromage, said: "It was miraculous. It poured with rain from about 12, but at 3.15pm, it stopped just as the procession started. There were more people than last year, which was absolutely staggering given the weather.

"The highlight is seeing the look on people's faces, of absolute bewilderment, and the best thing is the explanation doesn't help them out at all.

The march, on Sunday, February 27, ended up in the garden of the Lamb pub where Lefi G was sung to the tune of the Beatles' Let It Be.

The head of the evil giant, which made its way around town on a Segway, was then burnt on a bonfire, as per tradition.

So far, the same group of people have organised a giant game of mousetrap, suburban Skiing with giant ice-cubes strapped to the feet of skiers and an escalator choral society The next event to bring the community together will be Seething Community Sports Day on May 7.

The egg and spoon, the obstacle, the three-legged and, of course, the Ganderson are all planned.