A corrupt doctor has been sentenced to nine months imprisonment today for lying to try and stop himself being deported for sex crimes.

Dr Shawkat Spahi-Shoaib, 37, of Rivermead, Kingston, was sentenced at Kingston Crown Court after an unsuccessful appeal against his conviction for using deception to remain in the UK.

Spahi-Shoaib had ticked a box in an immigration form in May 2005 declaring he had no outstanding criminal matters hanging over him, despite awaiting trial in Manchester for two sexual offences.

He was later found guilty of both charges, served 10 months in prison and was placed on the sex offenders register.

Police surrounded Kingston Magistrates’ Court on at an earlier appearance in May after fears a Facebook campaign accusing authorities of a "Jewish conspiracy" against the Syrian doctor could cause an angry group to descend on the building.

But only two female friends turned up to the hearing.

Detective Superintendent Chris Foster of the UK Border Agency’s London Immigration Crime Team said: "Dr Spahi-Shoaib deliberately and cynically lied when he applied for permission to stay in the UK, and we hope that this sentence acts as a deterrent to others who think they can cheat the UK’s immigration system.

"The UK Border Agency will now take action to deport Dr Spahi-Shoaib at the end of his sentence.

"We now have teams of officers from the Metropolitan Police working with the UK Border Agency to investigate immigration crime across London, and this is just another example of our success."