A organic fruit and vegetable scheme is up and running in the Kingston area for those in the search for locally-sourced food.

From the Ground Up Food Co-op, launched my Green Guardian winners Transition Town Kingston (TTK), also provides eggs and cheese.

A spokesman from TTK’s food group said: “We are from all walks of life with a common passion for eating healthier, better tasting food, grown with environment-friendly practices.

“The name of the food co-op emphasises our desire for returning to the basics, from the ground up, of eating food produced with respect for the earth as well as our relationship toward food - eating and growing quality food both in and outside the home.”

The service offers reasonably priced, seasonal food, produced using environmentally sustainable methods and locally sourced when feasible.

It is a bi-weekly service that provides a pre-selected family-sized box and a menu of organic items in various quantities.

You only need to return an order form by noon on Wednesday and collect your food on Saturday from a team of volunteers at Kingston Environment Centre.

They do not take cheque or card at this time, but you can email an order form at fromthegroundupcoop@gmail.com.

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