Angry parents are conceding defeat in their fight against clampers near a Kingston community hall Since November, nearly 30 residents have been stung by £200 clamping fines for parking next door to the Shiraz Mirza Community Hall in Norbiton.

They appealed the fines but have now been told their attempts have been unsuccessful, with the only remaining option to head to court.

Fuming New Malden parent Samir Taktak said on Friday: “We are at a loss as to where to go from here. I think the rest of the group may not be interested in progressing the matter to the court so the likelihood is that I will lose the case if I proceed on my own.”

Despite their pleas that the parking restrictions signs were not clear, private clamping outfit Parking Control Services refused to budge.

Kingston mum Katie Glen, who was stung by a £75 fine and £125 release fee in November 2009, said it was too costly to take clampers Parking Control Services (PCS) to court.

Mrs Glen said: “We’re just getting on with our lives now, which is disappointing because we still believe we have been treated really unfairly.”

In a letter to Mrs Glen, a PCS spokesman said: “The responsibility to observe and obey parking restrictions is yours and as we operated correctly in this instance due to the vehicle being incorrectly parked.

“We will not be entering into any more communication regarding this matter. Should you be unhappy with the decision, please seek legal advice.”

The car park is shared between the community hall and Kingston Hospital office workers in the neighbouring Hanover House tower block, which is managed by property agents SJ Higgins. Those parking in the Hanover House spaces have been clamped.

Councillor Shiraz Mirza said he was deeply disappointed the property managers could not be more flexible with how parking spaces were shared.

Coun Mirza said: “I am deeply disappointed. It’s a ridiculous situation. The hospital needs to be more proactive in resolving the situation.

“We allow the hospital to park in our spaces during the day. We have our events on evenings and weekends when all the office workers have gone home.”

The previous Government proposed to bring in a new law to tighten regulations on private car clampers, for which there is no formal appeals process other than the costly option of going through the courts.

Since coming to power in May, the new coalition Government scrapped the crime and securities bill but Home Office minister Lynne Featherstone said similar proposals may be brought forward soon.