New Malden residents in the exclusion zone are being advised to stay inside in what police are now calling a chemical incident.

Police extended an exclusion zone four time, with the area reaching from the Fountain roundabout to Penrith Road, increasing pressures on infrastructure and causing huge tailbacks in the area.

The exclusion zone has now returned to the original area, from the Fountain roundabout to Connaught Road.

The roundabout has reopened and traffic is beginning to flow, but delays are likely to continue into rush hour.

Meanwhile, police are carrying out one more test on the package, before finalising their course of action.

Ambulance crews are on standby in the area, and the Metropolitan Police are dealing with the issue centrally.

Councillor Shiraz Mirza, who got stuck in traffic while travelling to his community hall, said: "There are people looking towards the road closures and there are people standing on street corners.

"There are a lot of people out and about.

"I'm coming from Kingston and going to the community hall and it's choc-a-bloc. There are big police vans you never see in the area."

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