First they started by eating her toes, then they moved on to her fingers and her limbs.

Eventually, piece by piece, they devoured the entire body, until nothing was left.

But don't worry, there was no outbreak of cannibalism in Weybridge.

Instead artist Sharon Baker, of Epsom, cast her own body in bread, baking it in an oven in Brooklands College on February 26, and then ate it with the audience at an art exhibition in the Docklands, London.

Sharon said: "The process is quite arduous.

"Making the mould requires the artist to be encased in a plaster bandage with two straws up my nose.

"Before that I have to be smeared in Vaseline to make sure the mould doesn't stick.

"The strange thing is how human it looks. The detail is incredible the same colour, you even get the finger prints and, unfortunately, the wrinkles."