"Don't break our hearts, Mr Davey" was the message from campaigners who pulled a heartfelt stunt to get the local MP to back a bill for a complete ban on smoking in the workplace.

New Malden mother-of-one Margaret Curtis, 59, lost half her lung to cancer after years of working in a tobacco factory so feels strongly that all workplaces should be smoke free.

But news that Kingston and Surbiton Lib Dem MP Edward Davey would not be voting for the overall ban in the forthcoming free vote in Parliament on Tuesday, February 14 Valentine's Day prompted her to take action.

Mr Davey has already come under pressure from hospitality industry bosses, urging him to support the ban on smoking in pubs, clubs and private members' clubs.

But the MP said although he is not backing an overall ban, he is calling for an amendment to the bill to allow bars to have a separate, closed-off area for smokers if smoking is to be prohibited in bars.

On Monday, with chief executive of charity No Smoking Day Ben Youdan, fervent campaigner Mrs Curtis handed a giant Valentine's card to the MP at his constituency office in Surbiton.

It included a personal poem urging him to back their views.

Mr Youdan, who lives in Surbiton, said Mr Davey had, in the past, defended the rights of taxi drivers to have a smoke-free workplace and supported Wales going smoke-free.

"If our MP loves us we urge him to protect our health from the unwanted fumes of tobacco smoke in all our workplaces."

Mr Davey said his views did not differ radically from those of Mr Youdan and Mrs Curtis.

He said: "I am happy with many of the proposals in the Health Bill. But there should be a provision in the bill for pubs and bars if they want to have an area that's closed off and well ventilated for smokers to go.

"The idea that there should be a complete ban everywhere seems a bit too nanny state and goes too far in taking away freedoms."

Kingston's other MP, Mr Davey's Lib Dem colleague Susan Kramer, said she would vote for a total ban.

She added: "I know there will always be some people who want a flexible approach but I feel that all the medical evidence leads me to this decision."