"Hersham boys, Hersham boys, lace up boots and corduroys. Hersham boys, Hersham boys, they call us the Cockney cowboys."

These lyrics thrust Hersham into the collective conscience of a generation of angry young punk rockers and now a residents' association wants to put up a plaque in honour of the lead singer of the band, despite the fact the National Front (NF) used to recruit members from their gigs.

Hersham Residents' Association (HRA) want a plaque dedicated to Jimmy Pursey, lead singer of 1970s punk outfit Sham 69. The band stopped performing live after the NF repeatedly tried to associate themselves with the group.

Robin Lee Hall, of the HRA, said: "It is very early days yet but we have made initial contact with Jimmy regarding the commemorative plaque and he has shown some interest."

When the Comet told Pursey about the idea he said: "It's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. It's fantastic news. I think it's about bloody time."

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