After a 58-year marriage you would expect this Thames Ditton couple not to have any difficulty when it comes to breaking the ice.

But they took the expression rather literally last week when they both won gold medals in the country's first ever cold water swimming championship.

Cyril and Yvonne Woods, 82 and 84, from Thistlemede, competed in the Cold Water Swimming Championships at Tooting Bec Lido.

Cyril said: "We competed in the over 80s category and both won gold medals. But that's probably because we were the only ones in the category.

"We have our own pool in the garden. Every morning we get up and put our swimming costumes on. Then we go downstairs and have a swim.

"It gets very cold but we've been doing it since the winter of 1949 so we're used to it. It's a good way of setting yourself up for the day."

Cyril and Yvonne admit they have a unique ability to cope with freezing temperatures.

Cyril said: "I wouldn't recommend it for everyone. Not every one is able to cope with it, their bodies react to it but we've always been OK."

When our photographer called first thing in the morning last week their pool had frozen over. Cyril said: "It wasn't the cold that was a problem, it was the thought that we might cut ourselves on the ice.

"If you cut yourself in the water you don't realise until you see the blood streaming everywhere. We've been there before and it's not nice."