From Fred Randall

SIR. Thank you for the warning in your last edition about the possible loss of a Quaker presence in the centre of Kingston (Quaker house not safe from K+20 project). What is all this about compulsory purchase powers? It looks to me as though these powers will be used (with the appropriate expressions of regret) if the Quakers do not accept whatever offer developers Hammersons make.

There was a certain amount of consultation before the outline K+20 project was agreed. During that period there were frequent fears expressed that this part of Kingston would become a purely commercial enclave (not unlike Croydon, heaven forbid). The Quakers want a building which will be "not only a place of worship but also a home for community organisations and a haven of peace and tranquillity". Surely the council should welcome this? I have no doubt whatsoever it could influence the decision if it chose to do so. Given the goodwill which is alleged to exist, RBK could insist on Hammersons allowing the Quakers to rebuild as a condition of getting further planning permission.

Fred Randall, Villiers Avenue, Surbiton