A student died after crashing his motorbike on a poorly-lit Elmbridge road, an inquest heard last week.

Graham Robinson, 24, from Bingley, West Yorkshire, died from multiple injuries after the collision on February 2 this year.

Woking Coroners' Court heard how Robinson, who was studying motorbike engineering at Kingston University, was riding his bike along the A3 between Oxshott and Painshill when he had to brake hard.

Robinson and his university friend Robert Theopolis, who was riding on the back, skidded into the central reservation. Theopolis came off the bike but Robinson stayed on and landed in the path of an oncoming gold-coloured Jaguar when he was hit.

The accident happened at 5.43pm. A collision investigator visited the scene 20 minutes later and said the road was in good condition but was dimly lit.

He said: "All the drivers I spoke to at the scene described it as being dark at the time of the accident.

"There was no evidence that he had hit a vehicle before he started to skid and no conclusive proof as to why he applied the brakes in the first place. But he may have been riding too close to the vehicle in front and had to brake suddenly."

The coroner recorded a verdict of accidental death and said the accident had happened on a poorly-lit area of the A3.

Robinson's parents, Michael and Dawn Robinson, said their son had passed his motorbike test four years earlier and felt comfortable on a bike.