Chessington's randiest senior citizen has fathered a record 38th child.

Staff at Chessington World of Adventures in Leatherhead Road thought the sexual antics of its frisky, 50 stone sea lion had come to an end.

But the sea lion, 87 years old in human years, has done it again with the arrival of his 38th pup much to the embarrassment of his sprightlier, slimmer and much younger love rival, thirtysomething Murphy. Murphy was introduced to the sea lion group seven years ago to take over the ageing Borris' role as patriarch and father to the pups.

But Borris is far from ready to give up his active antics, and after fathering four pups by four different mothers within two weeks in 2003, he has now become a big daddy for the 38th time with the arrival of 13lb Ocean.

Keeper Will Elgar said: "At his age his sexually active days should be well and truly over, especially with a young stud in the group for competition.

"But the fact of the matter is that the ladies just can't seem to resist him and poor Murphy just doesn't have his pulling power."

The Chessington team believe Borris' reproduction success is a European record and put his virility down to his laid-back lifestyle and healthy fish diet.

Ocean is mum Pebble's 11th pup and as this particular breed of sea lion originates from around the Ocean Bay area of California, the team decided to honour her pecking order in the pack with a cheeky tribute to a Hollywood hit movie Ocean's 11.

The birth of Ocean is the latest in a number of breeding successes at Chessington World of Adventures.

Last year the park successfully united a hand-reared Sumatran tiger with her mate, as part of a programme to help stem the extinction of the tiger, which has only an estimated 750 remaining in existence.