A disabled New Malden man who has never been behind bars, despite three convictions for sex offences on children, looks likely to be spared jail again.

At Kingston Crown Court, David Beaney, 61, admitted two sexual assaults on children. It is understood he befriended young boys and invited them to his home where sexual acts took place. He would also visit sports clubs and groom boys.

Prosecutors are believed to be seeking a suspended sentence with a restraining order, rather than time behind bars. This would mean he would still be living in the New Malden community.

In addition to the charges, the Comet has learned, from a source at Malden Wanderers, a local cricket club, that Beaney was brought there by a local member of Christ Church in the late 1990s, after asking if he could attend the ground to watch games.

The source said Beaney "took a fancy" to her young grandson and invited him back to his flat to see if he wanted to borrow any videos. He also applied for membership to the cricket club.

It was only after a player spotted Beaney and told Malden Wanderers members he was banned from the Oval cricket ground that they discovered his past.

The source told the Comet that when she told the church member he was banned from the Oval and was a convicted paedophile, she was shocked to learn the person already knew.

"We quickly sent a letter off, telling him that he was not welcome at our club and that was it," she said.

In court on Thursday Beaney was due to be sentenced for committing an act of gross indecency with a child and indecent assault on a male under-16.

From page 1 He admitted to the offences on the first day of his trial in February. They date back to the early 1990s and involve Beaney, a former insurance worker who uses a mobility cart to get around, inviting boys to his flat where they were coaxed into committing sexual acts with him.

When the Comet spoke to him this week he admitted being in contact with children as recently as December but said he has had no contact with any children since then and declined to comment further.

At an earlier hearing, the prosecution expressed concern he was still putting himself in situations where he would come into contact with young children. His bail conditions now expressly forbid him from doing this.

Last Thursday's sentencing was adjourned to May 13 for psychiatric reports and prosecution counsel Gino Connor said the Crown was seeking a suspended sentence and a restraining order banning Beaney from seeing children.

This is understood to be because the offences would only result in a relatively short sentence, whereas a restraining order banning him from contact with minors could be indefinite.

The final sentence, however, rests with the judge and Beaney may still be put behind bars.

Prosecutors also want Beaney, who has convictions for indecent assaults on boys dating back to the 1980s, banned sports clubs and leisure centres.

He is already barred from Surrey County Cricket Club's ground, the Oval, for inappropriate behaviour centering around an alleged assault that never came to court.

The court also heard he is banned from West Ham FC's ground, Upton Park.

The Comet has decided not to name Beaney's street but his flat is near to an infants' school.

A council spokesman said: "We will obviously liaise with relevant agencies to learn more about any convicted/registered paedophile to understand the level of risk they may pose to the community.

"We understand the knowledge about such a conviction will raise concerns among neighbours and parents of children attending the school. We will seek to establish factual information about this man and adopt sensible good practice to ensure young people's safety."

Reverend Canon Stewart Downey, of Christ Church, said: "We and the Diocese are aware of Mr Beaney's past and have taken steps to ensure the safety of young people at Christ Church and we've followed the Southwark Diocese guidelines on sex offenders."