A struggling student has raised more than £13,500 towards his university fees by using his sound business acumen and ingenuity.

Spyros Pyrgiotis, 24, has accomplished more than an average student in the past six months, after setting out to raise money through a website which launched in March.

Through a simple concept of selling text on his website, he is now only £3,500 off his target and can fulfil his dream of starting an MBA course at Kingston University in September.

Mr Pyrgiotis said: “Everyone is happy.”

He is one of the youngest students to be accepted on to the prestigious course but a lack of work and loan refusals meant he was struggling to find his hefty fees.

He began selling characters on his website for $2 and had 20,000 hits in the first month alone.

An impressive 8,309 characters have now been sold.

Visit thetextpage.com to see what he has been up to.

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