Kingston NHS Primary Care Trust (PCT) will have to sell off up to £7m off property and land to afford its plans to build “super-surgery” polyclinics around Kingston, Surbiton and Chessington.

Health bosses including PCT chief executive David Smith are looking at opening as many as three new polyclinics, one to replace Surbiton Hospital, which could be built and opened as soon as 2011.

But to be able to afford the polyclinics, it will have to raise £8m from the private sector, and up to £7m from disposals of buildings, including £5m from land sales.

The PCT hopes to save £5.5m a year from moving to a polyclinic system as part of wider savings targets in primary care over the next seven years.

The strategic outline case, presented to the board on Tuesday, will have to be approved by NHS London before the PCT can go ahead with its plans.

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