London Mayor Boris Johnson arrived in Surbiton today as part of a hectic whistle-stop tour of south London in the run-up to Thursday’s European elections.

The Mayor of London was accompanied by a bubble of about 30 Tory party activists, local councillors and Syed Kamall, the party’s current MEP, who lives in Surbiton.

Political parties, including the Liberal Democrats, Greens, Labour, UKIP, the BNP and the Jury Team are seeking votes in the last few days before the London-wide polls open on Thursday.

The Christian People’s Alliance has a huge banner draped underneath the railway bridge in Brighton Road as part of its own publicity effort.

Although the aim was to drum up awareness and support of the European elections, Mr Johnson took centre stage, with the people who met him seeming more interested in photo opportunities than the cut and thrust of political debate on enthralling issues such as the Lisbon Treaty.

First he accosted a couple of taxi drivers at the rank outside Surbiton station.

He spoke to a Surbiton woman who asked him about Britain’s Got Talent contestant Susan Boyle.

She later handed over a Heat magazine business card to Tory parliamentary candidate Helen Whateley, who will challenge Liberal Democrat Edward Davey at the next general election.

Mr Johnson then hurtled off down Victoria Road, briefly spoke to a flustered woman struggling at the cash machine before stopping to wander into Starbucks and McDonald’s.

At one point he had to be prompted for the names of his candidates in London, reading them off from a campaign leaflet.

Brian Moore, a 33-year-old Sainsbury’s chef from Chessington, tried to get a photo of Mr Johnson on his camera phone, but admitted he did not know about Thursday’s elections or why Boris was in town.

He said: “I haven’t got a clue. To get our votes probably. I like him anyway. I think he is cool.”

Jon Hawkins, 53, from Chessington confronted Mr Johnson on the street about Freedom Passes, arguing that 60-year-olds should not be subsidised for free transport in the current economic climate.

Mr Johnson cut him off saying: “Maybe you’ll appreciate one when you’re 60.”

Speaking to the Surrey Comet afterwards, Mr Hawkins appeared to form his own political u-turn, saying “I think he’s right” and declaring his support for the Tories.

Mike Derham, an accountant and business administrator sitting in Starbucks, said he would probably vote on Thursday.

He said: “I have got full respect for him. I appreciate what he has done. It is nice to see him out in Surrey.”

An elderly lady in Cafe Puccini’s said hello to Mr Johnson.

A teenager next to her smiled and prodded her gently saying: “That’s David Cameron’s mate.”

A young man wearing the red beret of the Para’s tagged along.

He claimed he was currently on court martial for pulling a man out of a burning jeep against regulations.

Mr Kamall said: “He is a real hero. We don’t thank these people enough.”

The Para looked sheepish and said: “I don’t normally get this.”

Speaking towards the end of his circuit of Victoria Road, Mr Johnson said: “I’m here to talk to people in Surbiton about the economic difficulties and see how they are feeling about that.

"There’s a lot of people who want to blow up Parliament but there’s also a lot of people who will vote Conservative on Thursday.”

But he admitted he hadn’t really had much time to engage in political debate with Surbitonians.

He added: “I’ve met lots of people but I have not got a lot of questions I know.”

And with that, 30 minutes after arriving in Surbiton, he jumped in a car to get to his next appointment saying goodbye and good luck to the party faithful.

Syed Kamall, the Conservative’s actual Euro candidate, said turnout would be low and blamed the fact voters had no one to vote for directly because of the list system.

He said: “My worry is apathy because people have been disgusted by the expenses scandal.”

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