The Gunpowder Plot Experience was like entering a time machine set to 1605 and getting a chance to better understand the motivations and concerns of the people in England.

From the moment I arrived at the Tower Vaults near the iconic Tower of London, I was whisked away into a whirlwind of history and interactive theatre.

The experience follows the events of November 5, 1605, or as we know it, “Bonfire Night” and does an excellent job of explaining all perspectives and providing the content of the time.

In the decades following the Protestant Reformation of the 16th century, England’s Catholics were marginalised and faced persecution.

Guy Fawkes was one of a group of Catholic men plotting to blow up the House of Lords during the State Opening of Parliament.

Surrey Comet:

He was responsible for planting and detonating the explosives but there was a tip off, he was discovered, arrested and then tortured to extract a confession.

Found guilty of treason, Fawkes and some of his fellow conspirators were sentenced to be executed on 31 January 1606 by the gruesome method of hanging, drawing and quartering.

The actors, portraying real-life figures inspired by the Gunpowder Plot, were brilliant and really put their heart and soul into the roles.

Their ability to improvise and engage with the audience on a personal level truly elevated the experience and even made for some funny moments amongst the seriousness of the situation.

Whether I found myself sympathizing with the oppressed rebels or spying for the crown, every decision felt weighty and impactful, as if I were truly shaping the course of history.

What truly set this experience apart was the seamless integration of live-action and virtual reality.

As the narrative unfolded, we were seamlessly transported from the dimly lit confines of a cell in the Tower of London to the bustling streets of 17th century London, all through the magic of VR.

Tom Felton's appearance during the VR segments was a delightful surprise, bringing his talent and charisma to enhance an already stellar cast.

While his presence added a sense of familiarity, it was the dedication and skill of the entire real life ensemble that truly shone through.

Throughout the experience I found myself hiding in cupboards, running from the king's men and even navigating a treacherous boat journey up the Thames with none other than Guy Fawkes himself, portrayed with captivating intensity by actor Tom Felton.

Midway through the experience, we were treated to a moment of respite at a themed tavern where we enjoyed some themed cocktails alongside the rest of the group on the experience – who you get to know as the evening goes on as you need to make vital decisions together.

Surrey Comet:

Of course, no immersive experience is without its hiccups. My colleague, Poppy, unfortunately encountered technical difficulties with her VR headset, missing out on a crucial escape plan scene.

The quick thinking of the staff ensured she didn't miss too much and she was moved to another seat and with a different headset.

The Gunpowder Plot Experience manages to use immersive theatre combined with VR to transport us to another time and place in history, if only for a few fleeting hours.