Football commentator Martin Tyler has praised the "amazing" NHS team who saved his voice - and his career - to mark World Voice Day.

A medical team including surgeons, doctors, nurses and therapists at St George's Hospital in Tooting saved Tyler's career of more than 50 years by saving his voice.

Following two operations at St George's Hospital and a course of speech therapy, the 78-year-old TV personality is back at work and once again appearing on prime-time TV.

Tyler's problems with his voice started after the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

The commentator said: "I overused my voice and the climate in Qatar affected my cords so I realised I needed help.

"My voice is my identity but the thought of not working again wasn't the worst part of it, not being able to socialise was a real prospect.

"Not being able to answer the phone, go for coffee with friends and only talking to those who were very close to me was frightening."

After returning to the UK, Martin was referred to St George’s Hospital where he went through an exploratory operation, and it was found that he had keratosis on his larynx.

This is a growth of keratin, which could have caused permanent damage to Martin's vocal chords.

Martin then underwent a second operation to treat his Keratosis.

Surrey Comet: Speech therapist Elissa Finn helped Martin get his voice backSpeech therapist Elissa Finn helped Martin get his voice back (Image: St. George's Hospital)

With the successful surgery, he needed the help of the speech and language voice therapy team, including speech therapist Elissa Finn, to regain his voice.

Speaking about his speech therapist, Martin said: "Elissa was amazing.

"I have had a very fortunate life but this was the roughest time for me. It was by far the worst.

"Elissa saw me at my best and she saw me at my worst. I couldn't have asked for more from Elissa and from everyone else."

To mark World Voice Day on April 16, which is globally celebrated to highlight the importance of the voice and to raise awareness about voice issues, Martin spoke about the recovery of his voice.

He said: "I cannot be more grateful to how I was treated at St George’s.

"They are wonderful people at looking after patients’ best interests. I am really grateful for their care.

"Since my treatment, I have done 40 commentaries. It’s a miracle."

He added: "The loss of my voice and the potential of losing it forever was the worst-case scenario."

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Arlene Wellman MBE, Group Chief Nursing Officer, said: "It’s fantastic to hear the positive impact that speech therapist Elissa has had in helping to transform Martin’s life by supporting him in getting his voice back.

"The care our team of therapists, nurses and doctors provide is unparalleled and I’m so pleased that Martin had such a positive experience and wish him well."

Elissa added: "It was an absolute pleasure to work with Martin.

"It’s wonderful and rewarding when, as speech and language therapists, we hear the impact our voice exercises have."

Now Martin Tyler urges people to not take their voices for granted.

He said: "Relish your voice: sing, talk, communicate and respect that it’s a part of your body that needs attention."