A Surrey sub-postmistress has slammed "shameful" Post Office bosses after a video emerged of them partying while victims of the Horizon scandal fought for justice.

Paula Vennells, the Post Office head, was seen at a company-funded staff party in a five-star hotel.

Her dance partner for the evening was Alan Cook, the man in charge of the Post Office when 161 sub-postmasters were falsely prosecuted, with 57 of them jailed.

Seema Misra, a former sub-postmistress from Surrey, who was jailed while pregnant, expressed disgust and disbelief at the sight of the Post Office executives celebrating.

Ms Misra told the Mirror: "I can’t believe it – people lost their lives and these people are out there partying.

"Every time I think I have heard it all, something new emerges, it’s disgusting."

She added: "In 2017 I was struggling to make ends meet and my youngest didn’t even celebrate his birthday, and these people are out having a party."

The scandal involved the Post Office's Horizon IT system, which was used to prosecute 983 postmasters between 1999 and 2015.

However, during a High Court case in 2017, it was revealed that the system could be remotely accessed, sparking a chain of events that led to the Prime Minister announcing new laws to overturn the wrongful convictions.

In the midst of this turmoil, a video taken in June 2017 shows Paula Vennells and others enjoying a lavish party featuring champagne and a three-course meal, with performances by pop sensation Pixie Lott.

In the video - which was posted on the Post Office website, before being removed, Vennells can be seen dancing along while Pixie Lott sang.

This happened just months after the High Court case in 2017.

The scandal has forced the Post Office boss, who has faced accusations of covering up issues with the Horizon system, to return her CBE award received in 2019.

As for the victims, more than 700 were wrongfully accused, with many left bankrupt, or in jail, and some losing their lives before they could see justice.