This weekend, P!nk wowed thousands of fans as she performed her Summer Carnival show at BST Hyde Park. 

As she danced and even flew across the Great Oak Stage, she left fans in awe of her amazing voice and even more impressive aerobatic skills. 

Although most fans screamed, sang or danced along with P!nk, one went one step further and gifted the global pop star something. 

Throwing the bag on stage, P!nk discovered that the fan had thrown their mother's ashes on stage. 

P!nk left shocked as fan throws ashes on stage 

The 'So What' singer received the bag whilst performing her hit song 'Just Like a Pill' 

As she walked across the stage on Sunday, June 25, P!nk spotted the unusual item as she picked up the bag of grey ashes. 

Asking the fan, "Is this your mum?" the singer looked very confused as she followed sharing: "I don't know how I feel about this."

Before heading back to centre stage, P!nk confessed that she never experienced ashes on stage before: "I have to say, that was a first."

However, P!nk did receive other gifts such as flowers and cuddly toys and even some fan art from fans. 

P!nk wows at BST Hyde Park

The crowd-pleasing performance saw P!nk somersaulting above fans while harnessed, her dancers backflipping in unison onto trampolines and fireworks being set off.

Beginning the gig by appearing on a screen with a pre-recorded robotic-like message, P!nk appeared wearing a glitter body suit as she was lowered with a harness on the stage and started singing Get The Party Started.

Her set list at BST drew on her ninth studio album, Trustfall, and the song of the same name along with the record’s other tracks such as Never Gonna Not Dance Again.

P!nk also played her hits such as Raise Your Glass, Just Like A Pill and Just Give Me A Reason, as well as Adele's cover Make You Feel My Love.