The Hook Centre has received a glowing report a year after it controversially opened.

The centre was heavily criticised by Conservative councillors for being financially mismanaged leading to a budget overspend which the Executive were forced to bail out last July.

But a report by the director of learning and children's services has heaped praise on the centre, which opened in January 2007, replacing the 1960s-built library and community hall.

The report was welcomed by Liberal Democrat councillors at the South of the Borough neighbourhood committee meeting where it was presented on Tuesday March 18.

Councillor Mary Reid, of Chessington North and Hook ward, said: "We've had people be sceptical and expect the place to be booked up in a week.

"These things take time to come in. But we're now providing a positive service for young people."

But Councillor Howard Jones, leader of the opposition, remained sceptical about the centre and denied his party had been wrong to criticise.

He said: "They the Lib Dems overspent, they mismanaged, and now they're doing their best to put a gloss on it and we are still unaware of exactly what the financial position is a year afterwards.

"We will be finding out that over the next couple of months at the scrutiny meeting.

"At the same time we recognise what they have there at the moment is better than what was there before."