A popular South London pub has axed plans for a new garden bar after worried neighbours complained about noise and rowdiness from drunk punters. 

Owner Greene King had applied to sell booze in a new bar in The Grove’s back garden in Surbiton.

Customers would not have been allowed to use the garden after 11pm under the pub’s plans.

The venue is rated 4.3 stars on Google, with 867 reviews and people describing it as their “Surbiton favourite”.

But worried neighbours wrote to Kingston Council with fears the new garden bar would attract rowdy crowds, with one local saying they had already witnessed a “fist fight” outside the pub and “general rowdiness”. 

The objector wrote: “Even at present there is considerable noise from large gatherings in the garden which is disturbing in a wholly residential area.

"A new external bar servery in the rear garden will only make things worse.”

Another neighbour wrote: “Already a great deal of noise carries from The Grove’s pub garden when it is busy, which causes significant disturbance to me, and to other residents in the block.

"I am extremely wary of any changes to the licence which could result in the garden becoming more crowded, and so more noisy.” 

A third commented: “I am against this proposal due to the fact that [it] would create unwanted noise at night both in terms of traffic on the roads and by people in the pub, not to mention noise in the day if building works are needed.

"I have just moved here and strongly object to this proposal as it would disturb the peaceful neighbourhood I currently enjoy.”

The resident added: “I am concerned that it would also attract rowdy crowds which might create criminal activities, and as there are two schools on Maple Road, this should be taken into account also with keeping children safe.”

A fourth said: “This will significantly increase the already high level of noise from the area when the garden is occupied.”

Greene King has now confirmed to the Local Democracy Reporting Service that the plans for the new garden bar are not going ahead.

A spokesperson for Greene King said: “We no longer have plans to add an additional outside bar to The Grove.”

The pub company had not applied to change The Grove’s opening hours, which are 10am to 11.30pm on most days except Fridays and Saturdays – when the pub closes at 12.30am.

Along with selling booze, the pub is already licensed to play music and hold entertainment.