Two alleged car thieves have been arrested after trying to flee police by hiding in a front garden and dunking under the water in a river.

Police were called to a home in Epsom after a Jaguar V8 F-Type had been stolen at around 11pm on June 21.

The car was fitted with a tracking device, and it was quickly located in Beddington, Sutton.

Police found the Jaguar parked alongside a Range Rover Velar, which had been reported as stolen from a home in Banstead.

Both suspects ran as soon as they saw officers, so police deployed dog units to track the alleged car thieves.

One was found in a front garden of a nearby home by police dogs.

The other had jumped into a nearby river and was attempting to hide from officers under the water.

He was also discovered by a Met police dog.

The suspects have been arrested and remain in custody and both the Jaguar and Ranger Rover were recovered by police.

Inspector Jon Vale, Borough Commander for Epsom and Ewell, said: “This was a brilliant example of teamwork by the Met Police, NPAS, the dog units and our own Surrey officers which led to the successful recovery of two stolen vehicles and the arrest of two suspects who are now in custody.”

A spokesperson for Epsom Police said: “Excellent teamwork led to the swift arrest of two suspects for the theft of two cars on June 21.

“Officers received a call at 11.09pm from a victim to say that their Jaguar V8 F-Type had just been stolen from their home in Epsom.

“The car was fitted with a tracking device which meant it was quickly located in Beddington.

“Metropolitan Police officers attended and found the Jaguar parked next to a Range Rover Velar which had recently been stolen from Banstead.

“Both suspects immediately ran from the vehicle when they saw the officers.

“One of them was soon found by a Surrey dog unit hiding in the front garden of a property.

“The second suspect had jumped into a nearby river and attempted to hide under the water.

“This was not successful however as he was soon uncovered by a Met dog unit.”