An artist from Kingston has announced her latest art exhibition based on the earth and its four elements.

Mixing sculpture, flowing silks and wall art, Lyndsay Russell’s exhibition is divided into four overlapping sections - Fire, Earth, Air and Water.

Showing at the RuptureXIBIT Gallery from May 14 to May 19, Lyndsay’s show, Elemental Circle, intends to offer an immersive experience.

Surrey Comet:

Lyndsay says there are options to listen to a “secret” soundtrack on mobile phones whilst gazing at the art inside the gallery.

Lyndsay told the Surrey Comet: “It’s a real technical challenge, but I visualise at some point soon, a gallery space alive with gently billowing, framed, silks that clients can purchase and easily place on their walls.

“This new show revisits works yet to be shown, and reworks others, as well as 11 new pieces.

“All have been chosen to link carefully to each other, in a circle.

Surrey Comet:

“Take the element of fire - It will be placed next in line to water.

“So, the first artwork is an image made in water on my boat - a volcanic looking water print.

Surrey Comet:

“Next, a broken bronze bouquet forged in fire… and then on to the art images on the wall… Fire-burnt watercolours depicting love, pain, and hell”.

Since Lyndsay’s last solo show, Water Alchemy, where she displayed art created by muddy water from the River Thames, she has spent time developing smaller designs of earth.

Lyndsay claims she has been exploring ways to place her free-flowing silks inside a Perspex frame with a silent fan and wires hidden inside.

Surrey Comet:

Lyndsay says she is hoping to evoke feelings of the “ancient past and elemental powers” during the show.

She added: “I want people to feel in touch with the art and the soundscape and the art.

“A pagan sense of beauty lost by modern living, to realise we are all just energy and we are all one force.

“I have collaborated with Alex Long Yuan, a renowned Chinese artist in Shang Hi, on one of the water pieces.

“So overall this show promises to be very different, very enthralling.

“In fact, you could say, a circular Tour De Force.”

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