Have you ever wondered what it would be like to win the lottery – or, more specifically, the Irish Lottery? When thinking of big wins on the lottery, chances are, you immediately think of the EuroMillions games – after all, the prizes available through the EuroMillions are often staggering. However, it’s not always the way that the EuroMillions is the only game to dish out the big wins – and the Irish Lotto can also dosh out huge sums of money, in many cases.

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No Winners Yet for the Irish Lottery Jackpots

There’s something quite wonderful about dreaming of winning the Irish Lotto at Lottoland. It’s undeniable that we all dream of discovering a massive windfall – but unfortunately, the payouts for the mid march draw were unfortunately much less substantial than we’ve been used to, on the whole.

We’ve probably all been watching with interest to see just who would scoop that massive €2 million jackpot – but, unfortunately, this has been disappointing so far. Indeed, the massive €2 million jackpot that we were expecting to be won on Wednesday last week, unfortunately, missed the mark, and no one was lucky enough to walk away with this massive sum of money. All the same, that’s not to say that the wins weren’t worth talking about since over 66,000 people were lucky enough to land a win of some description for the Lotto Plus and main Lotto draws.

Among these 66,000 winners, a small handful of just three winners were lucky enough to win the Match 5 and the bonus prize. While nowhere near the value of the staggering €2 million jackpot, each of these players still won a total of €13,489 per ticket – definitely a day they’ll not forget.

An Ironic Follow Up After the EuroMillions Result

While it might seem like a cruel twist of fate for there to be no winner of the €2 million jackpot on last week’s Irish Lottery jackpot, the reality is that it’s not unheard of. However, perhaps an odd irony was that the no jackpot round on the Irish Lottery immediately followed an unequally poor payout EuroMillions game, where that massive €40 million jackpot also went without a winner.

Nevertheless, though both of the big jackpots this week across the EuroMillions and the Irish Lottery have failed to garner big results, it’s still clear to see that Irish players haven’t come out in some cases empty handed. Indeed, over 40,000 Irish players on the EuroMillions game managed to come away with prizes – even though the two big wins, the jackpot, and the €500,000 EuroMillions Plus prize, were not won by anyone.

What are the Chances of Winning the Jackpot Prizes?

Of course, playing the lottery is always a game of chance, and there’s never any guarantee you’ll win at all. The odds of winning on the Irish Lottery jackpot game is around 1 in 10 million, or just slightly under. Meanwhile, the chances of winning the EuroMillions are just 1 in 140 million – exceptionally small odds, and we won’t even try to put them into a percentage. Still, with that being said, it’s generally unexpected for two big jackpots in the same week to be missed, making this week one that we’ll probably remember in lottery history for a while.

All the same, while the big jackpot prizes weren’t won during the Irish Lottery this week, there will be new chances for players on the Irish Lottery to win in the upcoming weeks. And, for the three lucky winners who each walked away with over €13,000 more to their name, it’s pretty clear that things didn’t turn out so bad after all.