Two former Metropolitan Police officers have been reunited after enrolling as staff at a luxury care home in Esher.

The pair joined Signature following their retirement from the police and are delighted to be part of the same team again.

Julie Murray and Jean Botfield first met in their twenties while working as rookie officers at Lavender Hill Police Station in Battersea.

The pair quickly became close friends and were partners on the job.

They recall talking down an armed individual and a close shave with someone who had to be disarmed after firing a gun at a colleague.

Their police careers took them in different directions, but Julie and Jean always kept in touch.

Julie specialised in crime prevention, the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults, while Jean became a School Liaison Officer and Warrant Officer.

They spent 30 years at the Metropolitan Police but felt unsure about what to do following their retirement from the force.

Julie came across a concierge role at Signature but was unaware that at the time, her former colleague, Jean, had also applied to be a minibus driver.

Julie also runs activities for the care home alongside her role as concierge and Jean takes residents on community trips.

Surrey Comet:

Julie Murray said: “I have to say that although there are times when I do miss racing around the streets of London on blue lights and sirens, I love working at Signature at Esher, and definitely wouldn't want to swap back!”

Jean Botfield said: “After my time with the force ended, I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do next- but after learning more about Signature and all the fantastic work they do, I applied straight away.

“I was eager to continue to serve the community in a meaningful role and working at Signature allows me to do just that.

“I, like many, was at first apprehensive about starting a job in a new sector, but the transition has been terrific.

“Despite never working in the sector before, everybody at Signature at Esher has been really helpful and supported me along the way.

“I love what I do - it’s a role that makes a real difference to the lives of our residents and it’s a great way to contribute to the community too.”