A Russian woman whose husband is “apparently” on “the Kremlin’s most-wanted list” has been sued by a company which installed fountains and garden lights at her “£22 million” home in Surrey.

GSL Installations says Elsina Khayrova owes nearly £250,000.

Ms Khayrova, who is married to Dmitry Tsvetkov, disputes the claim.

A judge is overseeing a hearing at the High Court in London.

Judge Adam Vaitilingam heard that Ms Khayrova was the daughter of a former Russian politician.

Barrister Alastair Panton, who represented GSL, told the judge that more than £241,000 was owed for work done at Ms Khayrova’s “extremely large house” in Virginia Water, Surrey.

Mr Panton told the judge that the property was worth £22 million He said the company had done business with Ms Khayrova and her husband for about a decade, at “various properties” in the UK and Cyprus.

Bills had been paid for work done at a flat in Knightsbridge, London, and other work at the house in Surrey, he said.

But a bill for fountains and garden lights and the improvement of an electricity supply, had not been fully paid.

Mr Panton said Ms Khayrova and her husband were in the process of getting divorced.

He said bills had been previously been paid by Ms Khayrova, not her husband.

“The defendant gives a reason for this,” said Mr Panton, in a written case outline.

“Apparently her husband is on the Kremlin’s most-wanted list. Apparently his life is in danger.”

Ms Khayrova was not at the trial and was not represented by lawyers.

The judge was told that she said she had health problems.