The locations of the most and least romantic people in the UK have been revealed and its good news if you have a partner or someone special in Surrey.

Funky pigeon researchers found people in Surrey were amongst the top card and gift-givers in the UK.

While Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a time when loved ones express their devotion towards one another - romantic gestures, or the lack of, can sometimes cause quite a stir.

In order to reveal once and for all who the most romantic people in the UK are, Funky Pigeon analysed the locations of those who sent the most cards and presents in 2021, as part of its annual sealed report, looking into customer habits over the year.

Surrey sits in seventh place above those from Wiltshire and Shropshire.

It was those living in the Scottish county of Midlothian who were discovered to be the “most” romantic having spent the highest amount on cards and gifts per person.

Essex ranks in second for romantic gestures with Lancashire in third.

Below is a list of the top eight most romantic places in the UK (based on where spent the most on cards and gifts in 2021):

1) Midlothian

2) Essex

3) Lancashire

4) Kent

5) Angus

6) Aberdeenshire

7) Surrey

8) Wiltshire

Below is a list of the top eight least romantic places in the UK (based on where spent the least on gifts and cards in 2021):

1) Perth & Kinross

2) London

3) Dumfries & Galloway

4) Anglesey

5) Greater Manchester

6) Tyne & Wear

7) Cardiff

8) Highlands

A link to Funky Pigeons research can be found here.