A shaggy goat adorned with or possibly carrying a traffic cone has been announced as the winning design in the Kingston Sculpture Trail.

Party Animal by Sculptor Alex R T Davies will now become a permanent feature of the town's cultural line up, taking its place alongside other legendary sculptures like the falling phone boxes of David Mach's Out of Order.

Some 1,700 votes were cast by residents of Kingston in the ballot to anoint the winning entry of seven sculptures placed on a winding trail through the town earlier this year.

Party Animal received a decisive 51 per cent of all votes cast, highlighting its popularity with those who took part. 

Kingston First, who helped organize the trail and stage the vote, said the piece will be installed at a "suitable" location in Kingston sometime next year.

Davies runs a fine art foundry, Milwyn Casting Ltd, in West Molesey, and received £10K prize money on winning the competition.

"It's been a great experience being involved in the Kingston Sculpture Trail, made all the better by the positive feedback I have had and of course winning the vote," he said. "It is a real honour to have a sculpture chosen to be permanently sited in Kingston, a town that I have visited many times growing up in Surrey, having worked there as a teenager, to now having my own business and workshop so close."

David Mach, whose own sculpture is one of Kingston's most renowned art installations, chaired the sculpture trail and helped select the seven artworks on the list.

"A great choice, and good to have a local artist," he said of Party Animal and Davies' win. "This is Kingston's version of the boar statue near the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. The nose of 'Porcellino' is golden from the number of tourists rubbing it for luck; the cone on the back of Alex's goat is going to be just as shiny. It's going to be a very popular piece."