Roads around Caterham have become more like "rivers" today (Sunday) after heavy rain battered the area over night and into the morning.

Residents have taken to social media to warn others to "avoid" certain roads due to the mass amounts of water.

One video shows Harestone Valley Road under "at least a foot of water" - as the whole road appears to have completely flooded.

Other pictures show cars attempting to drive through the deep pools outside Soper Hall - with water reaching the bonnet of some cars and large splashes and flurries of water following.

Surrey Comet:

Caterham resident Paul Miller was walking to Morrison's when he saw the state of the roads and he said he was "glad he didn't have to go any further".

He told the Surrey Comet: "It seemed that only four by fours were able to pass through.

"The roads were under at least a foot of water."

Surrey Comet:

The Met Office issued a yellow weather warning for heavy rain from 12am on Sunday to 3pm on Sunday afternoon.