A pawnbroker from Epsom is starring on the latest series of Gok Wan's Bling on ITV.

John Freeze, a vintage pawnbroker at Prestige Watches and Diamonds, is part of the show which airs at 2pm from Monday to Friday.

Hosted by fashion guru Gok Wan, John is one of the specialist experts on the different counters on the show.

Surrey Comet:

He described it as "like a repair shop and Dickinson's Real Deal" put together.

John, 53, told the Surrey Comet: "Clients come in and try and sell their items to me to raise funds.

"They can have items remade, repaired or recycled and they may have old fashioned items that don't really fit today's trends."

Bling delves into the world of jewellery - from buying and selling to making and fixing eye-catching pieces, figurines and more.

Each counter is dedicated to each process, with experts on hand to guide, advise and get the best deals.

The series is full of heart-warming stories as excited couples seek that perfect wedding band, sell a hidden gem such as delicate jewellery, fix a much-loved family treasure, or even create a one-off bespoke item.

John was approached to be on the show by ITV  - and joked that it's down to his "winning smile and personality".

Surrey Comet:

He also recently featured on ITV's Million Pound Pawn.

John said: "As a pawn broker and jeweller, we buy and sell watches and diamonds and also offer valuations on lifeystle goods.

"That's where my skillset is a little wider than most - I can look at Chanel or Luis Vuitton bags for example as well as Rolex and Cartier watches.

"A pawn broker is the oldest form of banking and I'm there to assist in filling those gaps - a lot of people are asset rich but cash poor."

John filmed for Bling during the summer.

Surrey Comet:

He said: "Bling is a great show and it's full of a great set of experts who are really good fun.

"Gok was good fun too and overall it was really good.

"I learnt from other people's skillsets, just as they might have learnt from mine."

Bling will air every weekday on ITV from 2pm to 3pm until Friday, November 5.

John added: "People have recognised me since the show started airing and we do get people asking for selfies.

"Thankfully we aren't at the autograph stage just yet - but it's fun and I'm nobody more than anyone else."