A fantastical light show is coming to Polesden Lacey estate this October half-term, the event organisers have announced.

Ignite at the Edwardian gardens of the National Trust estate at Polesden Lacey will feature flickering fires, illuminated pathways and fire-breathing dragons (probably not literally) during its run between October 22 and November 7.

A spokesperson for the event, which is being sponsored by Sony Music, described, attendees will also be in on the light fantastic action:

"Visitors will be given handheld lanterns for first part of trail, so they can walk through the darkness lighting their own way through tree lined avenues on a quietly magical meander. As twilight falls, the IGNITE magic begins. Expect the unexpected, with glimpses of fairies that could be dancing in lanterns, playful top hats and teapots as you stroll through an enchanting landscape. Within this fiery interpretation of flora and fantasy, set to an atmospheric soundscape, there are moments of playful discovery and reflection."

Among the most hotly anticipated attractions at what will likely prove a memorable, immersive experience is the so-called Tunnel of Light, a tunnel featuring some 100,000 pea-lights stretching for almost 50 metres.

"We’re so excited to welcome visitors to Polesden Lacey for this enchanting trail this autumn," National Trust General Manager for Polesden Lacey Katherine Mills said. "It is the first time we’ve hosted something like this at Polesden Lacey and we can’t wait to see the gardens illuminated in such a magical way," she added.

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