Summer may be winding down for another year, but that doesn't mean our tastebuds have to.

Autumn is, after all, the season of harvest. And there's still a chance of an Indian summer to come, not to mention a need to support local businesses after a trying, lockdown-riddled 18 months.

For these and many other reasons, it seems like a good time to review some of the best restaurants Kingston has to offer, as per Tripadvisor review ratings. So let's do this:

1. Hideaway

Topping our list comes a restaurant dubbed by one reviewer "the best brunch in Surbiton". If that doesn't convince you, perhaps the thought of a literal riverside table, wonderful staff, epic cocktails and delicious mediterranean cuisine will.

Still not sure? Of 180 reviews on Tripadvisor, 160 rated Hideaway as 'Excellent'. And most of the others settled on 'Very Good'. Wow.

2. The French Table

The French know a thing or two about food, so we've been told. Nowhere in Kingston borough is this more evident than the appropriately named The French Table in Surbiton, which boasts (yes, really) inclusion in the vaunted Michelin restaurants guide, and was previously listed in the 100 Best Restaurants list. The plates are simply stunning.

3. Doosra

Clinching a sensational One-Two-Three on our podium for restaurants in Surbiton alone is Doosra. It's also the highest rated Indian eatery on our list. Expect "sensational" hosting, and authentic Indian food "in a league of its own" according to reviewers so enchanted by the place they decided to share their experiences with the world. Curry lovers unite.

4. Obon Sushi and Udon

Japanese cuisine is awesome. And I'm not just talking about my love of ramen noodles. The highest ranked representative of the wonders of Japanese cooking in Kingston, and the highest restaurant on our list outside of Surbiton, is Obon Sushi and Udon on Richmond Road. Gawp in amazement and the dexterity, colours and textures on show here. And then eat them. That's very important too.

"I could have been transported to Tokyo" writes one reviewer of their experience here, while another simply said: "Amazing sushi, amazing ramen, amazing vibe and amazing staff."

5. No 97

Swanky restaurant slash bar that is famed for the service of its staff, and deliciousness of its drinks and dishes. Is this the best date spot in Kingston borough? The omens look good so far. It also does a fabled Sunday lunch option if you're so inclined. What about the reviews? It's rated 'Excellent' by 369 out of 477 reviewers. And 'Very Good' by 68 more. That's what.

6. Trattoria Calabrese

Our list is perhaps the only thing Italy have not won this summer, but they are still doing very, very well here. In at six is the wonderful Italian Trattoria Calabrese. Which, as it turns out, has won a Traveller's Choice award. It also won the hearts of 424 out of 470 reviewers too, who rated this gem either 'Excellent' or 'Very Good'. With favourites like lasagne, bruschetta, tiramisu and calamari done as well as (and perhaps better than) anywhere else in the borough, it's not hard to see why.

7. Las Iguanas Kingston

Latin American cuisine is buenísima. I lived there a while and can attest to the truth of that statement. So too can Las Iguanas in Kingston, which boasts everything from Mexican quesadillas to Brazilian Fried Chicken. And empanadas. You need empanadas in your life. Almost 500 reviewers (484) dubbed this place 'Excellent'. That is to say, excelente.

8. Positano

The second Italian on our list and perhaps the best pizza on it also. Expect "amazing" customer service, reasonable prices and "very generous portions. Rated 'Excellent' or 'Very Good' by 279 of 306 reviewers. Nice.

9. The Canbury Arms

Pub Grub! According to Tripdadvisor reviewers, nowhere in Kingston does it better than the Canbury Arms, which also boasts a lovely interior (and exterior weather permitting). There are some great options for families and kids here too, apparently.

10. Wags N Tales

It's been emotional. Here we are at number 10 with a pub we've already covered once after it was named London's most dog-friendly pub back in 2019, as you may already have guessed from the name. Mahatma Gandhi once said that the moral progress of place and its greatness can be judged by how it treats its animals. If that is true, Wags N Tales deserves an even higher rating than the 236 'Excellent' reviews it was given on Tripadvisor. They likely stemmed from the brilliant atmosphere and equally brilliant menu. Great coffee, breakfast and sandwich options abound.