A mother is set to be reunited with her son's "guardian angel" after a heartwarming appeal to readers.

Sarah Rughoonundon, of Mitcham, south London, launched an appeal to the public after a stranger sprinted her son to St George's Hospital, when he suffered from an anaphylactic reaction on June 18.

Less than two months after the incident, she has found the hero who helped save her son's life after his family noticed the appeal in the Wandsworth and Wimbledon Times.

The man in question has been named as lettings negotiator Dominic Kirby, who had just finished a viewing when he came across Sarah and her 19-month-old son, Jonah in Tooting.

Surrey Comet: Dominic Kirby Dominic Kirby

Sarah's husband was driving the pair to hospital when they became stuck in traffic just over 10 minutes away from the emergency department.

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"Jonah was deteriorating so fast, I just said to my husband it'd be quicker to run," Sarah said.

"I grabbed Jonah and our rucksack and we sprinted.

"Once we got onto Blackshaw Road he stopped crying and looked very zoned out.

"At that point, I thought I was going to lose him. We weren't far but I felt like I was going to collapse."

Surrey Comet: Jonah Jonah

It was then that Sarah screamed out for help and caught the attention of Dominic who sprinted Jonah to the emergency department.

Dominic, estate agent at Foxtons, and former nanny, said he first felt "fear" when he came across the pair.

"At first, I was just carrying the rucksack, but I soon realised the mother was very tired," he said.

"I offered to take the child. I felt the responsibility of the situation, running with somebody’s child.

"I was very focused on not tripping and keeping the baby safe whilst trying to run as fast as possible.

"Holding somebody else’s child can feel daunting, let alone running with!"

Surrey Comet: Dominic Kirby Dominic Kirby

Speaking about how he came across the appeal, he continued: "My boyfriend’s Mum was waiting for her husband in a waiting room.

"She happened to pick up the paper and recognise the story.

"I used the name on the article and messaged her on Facebook saying, ‘it’s me’. We have been messaging ever since."

He added: "Honestly I didn’t tell many people after it happened, but since the article, I have shared my story and people are so proud of me.

"Hearing others reactions (especially mothers) has shown me the impact I had on this child’s life."

Dominic is set to meet Jonah and his family in a pub in Tooting in the coming week.