A mum from Surbiton has expressed her outrage after her son did not receive a full refund when his McDonald’s Uber Eats order came with all the food missing.

Kellie Pocock’s son Dax, 22, ordered five drinks, five breakfast muffins and five hash browns on Sunday morning from Surbiton McDonald’s through Uber Eats.

According to Kellie, the delivery arrived at their home with only the five drinks in the bag 20 minutes after ordering.

Kellie said her and Dax got straight on the phone to the Uber driver through the telephone number on the receipt – but were told that the drinks were ‘all he was given’ when he collected the order.

She added that the pair then called the McDonald’s franchise they had ordered from – and that the manager said it ‘wasn’t down to them’, there was ‘nothing’ he could do and that ‘breakfast had finished anyway'.

Mum-of-ten Kellie said: “I’m never happy when my kids order this way because there always seems to be a problem – either with something missing or it comes an hour late.

“This time, though, there was absolutely no food whatsoever.

“The manager at the McDonald’s said it wasn’t down to them, there was nothing they could do and that breakfast had finished anyway, while the Uber Eats driver told my son that was all he was given.

“We kept getting a generic message from Uber saying to direct message them and after speaking to about four people they said we wouldn’t get a refund.”

Kellie said that the following day her son Dax woke up to £9.91 having been refunded – just a fraction of the £29.08 totalling order.

Surrey Comet: The Uber Eats driver said he had delivered what was given to him at McDonald's when collecting the order (stock image)The Uber Eats driver said he had delivered what was given to him at McDonald's when collecting the order (stock image)

She added: “Dax got a message the next day from Uber apologising for the miscommunication and saying they will issue a refund but when he looked at his bank it wasn’t all there so he obviously wasn’t happy.

“When he went back to them they said that because he had accepted the refund there was nothing they could do – but he hadn’t accepted it, it was just put into his account.

“We’re now stuck having lost the money and nobody will do anything at all.”

When approached for comment, McDonald’s said that Kellie had told them she had received a refund.

Kellie says she made McDonald’s aware that this was only a partial refund and that “this isn’t finished”.

McDonald’s has since been approached for further comment.

Kellie added: “I saw on Facebook on Sunday that the exact same thing had happened to someone else, and if someone else is complaining about what I’m complaining about then I will comment as well.

“I just feel like we can’t actually speak to somebody and we keep being told the same thing.

“It’s even more frustrating because the label stuck on the bag had the full order on it.”

Uber has also been approached for comment.