Chessington World of Adventures (CWOA) are finding unique ways of taking care of their animals amid the ongoing heatwave.

New pictures to emerge from the theme park show a number of methods used by park workers to help the colourful fauna who live their keep cool: Among them, ice lollies filled with the animals' favourite foods.

"Not wanting to miss out on ice-cream weather, some of the zoo's residents including Bolivian squirrel monkeys, Rothschild’s giraffes, California sea lions and Ring-tailed coati have even been treated to refreshing animal-friendly ice lollies made from fruit and vegetables including beetroot, carrots, spring greens and watermelon.

"With the resorts California sea lions enjoying mock-‘fish’-tails as part their enrichment programme," a spokesperson for CWOA said.

Other animals like the Humboldt Penguins and Amur Tiger meanwhile refreshed themselves with dips in nearby pools on site at the park.

Temperatures hit 30 degrees Celsius on Tuesday (July 20) and are expected to do so again on Wednesday ahead of forecast thunderstorms that are now predicted amid the searing summer heat in the southern England.