The winning entries into a nationwide competition to design the six sculptures that will feature in Kingston's new Sculpture Trail have been unveiled.

More than 40 entries were received in the competition and finally narrowed down to six winning artworks that were selected by a specialist panel including David Mach RA, who created Kingston's most famous sculpture to date 'Out of Order', which depicts falling phone boxes.

Five of the six winning entries were designed and made by artists belonging to the Royal Society of Sculptors, underlining their credentials.

They have all earned the right to become part of the new Sculpture Trail which will stretch between Kingston town centre and Canbury Gardens, and will feature all winning entries plus 'Out of Order'.

The winning artworks selected by the panel were:

  • ‘Kingston Spinning Sculpture’ by Roger Clarke MRSS – A colourful sculpture that invites viewers to interact by spinning it

Surrey Comet: SpinSpin

  • ‘AANGEL’ by David Begbie MRSS – An androgynous angel figure, acting as a ‘guardian’ or benevolent presence looking over Kingston

Surrey Comet: AAngelAAngel

  • ‘Time and Tide’ by Marigold Hodgkinson FRSS – A curved, mirrored sculpture which shifts gently in the wind reflecting light and it’s continuously changing surroundings

Surrey Comet: TimeTideTimeTide

  • ‘The Kiss’ by Alex R T Davies MRSS – Part of a series of sculptures titled ‘Unwanted Monuments’, two bronze street cones ‘kiss’ inspired by Rodin and Constantin Brâncuși’s piece of the same name, conveying the delicate intimacy of the subject with ordinary objects with no gender

Surrey Comet: The KissThe Kiss

  • ‘Party Animal’ by Alex R T Davies MRSS – From Davies’ same series ‘Unwanted Monuments’, a bronze goat sculpture stands proudly with a street cone on its back, inviting the viewer to touch and even sit on the piece

Surrey Comet: Party AnimalParty Animal

  • ‘Mountain’ by Stefan Jovanović & Jack Hardy – a large interactive steel sculpture designed as a symbolic fireplace for gathering, an offering and an invitation to the folks of Kingston to touch and listen to, in sun, wind and rain#

Surrey Comet: MountainMountain

  • ‘The Juggernaut of Nought’ by Richard Trupp MRSS – a large, industrial wedge-shaped sculpture celebrating the industrial heritage of the Thames riverbank and creating a moment of pause in its surroundings

Surrey Comet: The Juggernaut of NoughtThe Juggernaut of Nought

"It’s great to see Kingston still pursuing Public Art for its streets," David Mach said.

"A fantastic opportunity for the artists involved and very enjoyable to meet with the other judges to pick out our favourites."

One of the winning entries will become a permanent fixture in the town centre.

This will be chosen by residents and visitors who will have the opportunity to vote for their favourite sculpture, with the winning artist receiving £10,000 prize money.

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