Police have arrested a man suspected of pelting an area of Stanwell Village with stones from a catapult. 

On Thursday (June 17) police said a 20 year-old man from Ashford was arrested "after a number of stones have been thrown at houses and police cars in Stanwell". 

Criminal damage was reportedly caused to properties on Russell Drive in Stanwell Village, while images of at least one police car damaged by stones was posted online.

The stone-throwing happened last weekend (June 12-13) and, with no arrests made so far, some residents have taken to deliberately wearing cycling helmets to protect themselves from harm.

When police showed up to investigate on Monday (June 14), their car was attacked and a wing mirror smashed, as a spokesperson described:

"Officers attended again yesterday morning and were met with a flurry of further projectiles landing in the street.

"One of these stones hit a police car smashing the wing mirror. Another landed only a few centimetres from the feet from an officer."

Police have returned to the area and even deployed a drone to hunt for those responsible, but are so far coming up short.

Neighbourhood Sergeant Paul Grinter issued a warning that said it was "only a matter of time" before someone was hurt if the stone throwing continued.

"We believe these stones are being fired at random from the nature reserve behind the houses - often two or three stones at a time.

"The residents cannot enjoy their gardens, cannot open their windows and cannot park outside their homes. They are under siege. They live in fear of being hit by one of these missiles, which have already caused substantial criminal damage to property, and have been told some have taken to wearing cycle helmets when they leave the house.

"It is only a matter of time before someone is injured.

"The Safer Neighbourhood team have been patrolling the location and working with our drone operators to identify where the projectiles are launched from. Officers attended again last night, and today.

"We have spoken with several residents who are naturally very worried and concerned over the incidents."

He added that catapults were "not toys" and carrying one could entail criminal charges.

Surrey Police are urging anyone with information to get in touch with them and quote reference number PR/45210061779.