A woman from Ottershaw near Chertsey could lose more than a dozen teeth after she was diagnosed years late with a gum disease.

Tanya Ogland, 44, visited a dentist complaining of painful and bleeding gums and, later on, movement of her teeth.

She was reassured at the time that she didn’t need to be referred for any further treatment and that her symptoms were normal.

However, those symptoms continued to worsen and saw Tanya visit a dental hygienist.

She was diagnosed with periodontal disease, a serious gum infection that means she could be set lose many of her teeth and requires specialist treatment.

Tanya, who lives with her husband Rickard, said: "After being reassured there was no need for me to seek further treatment, it was a huge shock when I was finally given a diagnosis.

Surrey Comet: Tanya Ogland. Image via Irwin MitchellTanya Ogland. Image via Irwin Mitchell

"Since then, I’ve gone on to suffer from infections and more dental pain, I have lost two teeth already and I’ve had a lot of issues with my gums receding as a result of the disease.

"Some of my teeth have also moved and so my smile doesn’t look like it used to.

"Unfortunately, I have been told that up to 15 more of my teeth could be lost. I have needed to have extensive and painful treatment including having my gums decided to try and save my teeth, and I will need more treatment in the future

"This is particularly difficult to accept, as I believe this could potentially have been avoided had I been diagnosed sooner."

Alongside seeking treatment for her teeth, Tanya consulted legal specialists Irwin Mitchell who looked into her case.

As a result, her former dentist admitted liability through the Dental Protection Society, the legal body which represents dentists, in that he should have diagnosed and treated Tanya’s gum disease sooner.

The dentist also said that she would have avoided some of the damage if the disease was treated earlier.

Kathryn Salt, a specialist dental negligence lawyer at Irwin Mitchell representing Tanya, described the case as "incredibly concerning":

"The first-hand account we’ve heard from Tanya about what she’s been through is incredibly concerning.

"Patients place a great deal of faith in dental professionals to provide them with the best possible treatment and care.

"The level of care Tanya received was well below what’s expected and she’s now been left with ongoing pain and complications.

"She is understandably shocked and devastated that she has already lost two teeth and may lose many more as a result of the delay in diagnosing and treating her condition.

"While there is nothing we can do to change what’s happened to Tanya, we welcome the admission through the Dental Protection Society and now call for lessons to be learned to improve on patient care and prevent anyone else from ending up in similar situations."