Drivers have been warned to protect their cars after a catalytic converter was stolen in Nonsuch Park.

Surrey Police were called to Sparrow Farm Lodge Car Park after a theft was reported from a silver Honda Jazz on May 5.

The incident took place between the hours of 10.40 am to 12.15 pm.

A spokesperson for Surrey Police said: "Catalytic converters are typically stolen and sold as precious metals.

"Owners are then left to foot the expensive repair bill on their vehicles.

"Vehicles are targeted on the road, in car parks, and even on driveways, and catalytic converters can be removed in a matter of minutes.

Surrey Comet:

"Thieves may seem as though they are legitimately working on a car and may also be wearing face masks.

"Stay on the lookout for catalytic converter theft in Surrey."

Police are asking for anyone who has dashcam footage to get in touch.

If you witnessed the incident or have any information contact the police on 101 quoting PR/ 45210046297.