Conservatives in Epsom and Ewell have been accused of breaking Covid safety advice while campaigning in the upcoming Local Elections.

In a statement published Friday (April 23) Epsom and Ewell's Labour Party said they had received "multiple reports" of Tory candidates canvassing without wearing masks.

Some residents in Langley Vale reportedly said they had been canvassed by Conservatives not wearing face masks that help stop the transmission of Covid-19.

If true, this would amount to a breach in existing advice on "campaigning safely from March 8", which reads:

"Prior to any campaigning, participants should undertake a risk assessment.

"Political parties should provide guidance to party campaigners to support this.

"This is the advice of Public Health England. All campaigners should:

  • ensure that they are well; if they have COVID-19 symptoms or have tested positive, they must stay at home
  • make sure that they wash their hands more often and for 20 seconds, or use hand sanitiser regularly
  • wear a face covering when meeting anybody they do not live with, whether electors or other campaigners
  • maintain effective social distancing when talking to people, staying 2 metres apart at all times."

Labour's Mark Todd, who is currently campaigning as a candidate for Epsom West, said:

"We believe this behaviour is reckless by the Conservatives. Epsom and Ewell Labour always knock doors in a mask.

"Local Conservatives are breaking their own Government guidelines and endangering the lives of their constituents."

Epsom and Ewell Conservatives declined to comment.