A man is set to march from Ashtead to Sutton and back, in the name of his brother who is terminally ill.

Dave Moore, 52, will be participating in the Royal Marsden's virtual event, to help his brother Andrew, complete the journey that he had hoped he could walk himself.

In September 2019, Andrew received the devastating news that he has advanced prostate cancer, which had spread through his lymph glands, two ribs, his pelvis, shoulder blades and shoulder.

The tragic news came after Andrew, 58, was at the doctor's when he asked his GP: “I’m 56 is it worth having a prostate test?"

He then attended a clinic to give blood for the test and received a phone call the following day to return to his doctors' surgery immediately.

After numerous tests and scans, he was told that his cancer was incurable.

Since then, Andrew has been campaigning to spread awareness and raise money for The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.

Due to his condition worsening, his brother Dave offered to walk the whole way while Andrew will aim to walk "as far as he can".

Surrey Comet:

Andrew wrote on his fundraising page: "Since my diagnosis, I cannot thank enough the doctors and nurses at the Marsden as well as my GP, The Princess Alice Hospice and the Butterfly Centre at Epsom Hospital for what they have all done.

"If the little bit I raise with your help goes to prevent one person (from) going through the pain and heartache I have, it will be worth it because there are no words to describe how you feel or the effect it has on your family."

He added: "Finally, a little bit of advice, to all you men, if you are over 50 go and have a PSA test.

It’s too late for me but it could save you a hell of a journey."

His brother Dave said: "Family like the NHS is always there when I have needed them.

"I am lucky that I have not needed the Royal Marsden but knowing it will be there for me if I ever do, knowing how amazing the staff have been for my brother, inspires me to help them in any way I can."

He added: "While Andrew and I are brothers our wives are also sisters. This makes his illness extra hard in one way but also means that we have close bonds to support each other as well.

My brother was desperate to do the walk himself but is now too ill to take part.

"Andrew’s #OneJourney is a painful one, on 23rd May mine will be 15 miles, if anyone has saved the cost of their work journey by working from home in the last year, maybe give just the cost of your #OneJourney to help those with life’s hardest journey."

The fundraiser has reached £13500 at the time of publishing.

To donate visit here.