A new burger restaurant in Tolworth are offering the "Ferrari" of patties to customers who can afford it in the form of a burger coated in 24-carat gold.

Luxxo Burgers in Tolworth opened on Friday (March 5) and hope to attract customers of all demographics to their store with a range of products, not all of them gold-coated.

Among the brightly-coloured gourmet burger and bun combinations available ('rainbow' is also an option), the golden choice stands out.

"Along with providing a range of burgers and ones where you can choose your topping, we also do original buns where the options are black, blue, green, pink and rainbow.

"Our special is the full gold burger where 24-carat leaf is applied to the burger or bun, whichever the customer wants," Luxxo Owner Atta Manan told the Surrey Comet.

Surrey Comet: The 24-carat-gold-coated burger. Image: Luxxo BurgersThe 24-carat-gold-coated burger. Image: Luxxo Burgers

"It's a bit different. It's the first time I've got involved in the food industry and I wanted to try something a bit different rather than just a standard gourmet burger shop," he added.

Gold-coated food has been somewhat vogue in recent years, and the subject of much curiosity and culinary criticism.

Food critic Jay Rayner for example once mused that it might be "the harbinger for the end of everything we hold dear" 

Atta, however, who is opening a new restaurant amid the trials imposed by the coronavirus pandemic, just hopes that it will help Luxxo stand out from the increasingly saturated crowd.

Surrey Comet: Image via Luxxo Burgers. Image via Luxxo Burgers.

"It's all about social media nowadays and trying to make something trendy and a bit different.

"There is no taste to it, as we know, but it's something of an option for someone who is interested," he said.

The restaurant owner said that no-one has yet tried the burger, likely because of it's eye-watering price tag of £125.95.

However, just days after the establishment's opening, he remains hopeful.

"It's attracted quite a lot of interest but because of the price, no-one has tried it yet," he joked.

Surrey Comet: Image via Luxxo Burgers Image via Luxxo Burgers

"There's always a market for such products. There's a standard car and then there's a Ferrari. If people can afford the Ferrari, they will go for the Ferrari.

"I've left an option for everyone to enjoy, experience and explore something unique," he added.

You can order delivery or collection from Luxxo Burgers on 41B Tolworth Broadway, and follow them on Instagram @luxxoburgers here.