An Epsom pawnbroker is due to feature tonight in an episode from new three-part ITV documentary series Million Pound Pawn.

John Freeze, owner of Vintage Pawnbrokers - Prestige Diamonds & Watches, will appear in tonight’s episode (March 2) alongside colleagues Kris Pelling and Eddie Barlow.

Vintage Pawnbrokers - Prestige Diamonds & Watchescan be found at 3 Epsom High Street.

During an interview as part of the documentary series, Mr Freeze said he first got into the trade because of how much it varies day-to-day.

“I like the cut and thrust of the deal - some you win some you lose - but every day is a new challenge,” he said.

“Every day is a different story, whether it be a regular client coming in and having a catch up or a new client with a new and individual item to value. Our day is always full of colourful people and interesting conversations.

“Every story in its own way is touching but one of my favourites is when we have regular clients who over time get back to where they once were and instead of visiting us to pawn an item they come in and buy something!”

Image provided by ITV

Image provided by ITV

And it certainly is a varied trade, with Mr Freeze going on to describe some of the memorable items pawned:

“Vintage bottles of Courvoisier, playboy bunny suits, vintage cars, canes, a matched pair of vintage guns, you name it!

“We’ve had Tiffany rings worth $150,000 and Rolexes worth £10,000. Today that Tiffany ring is more or less the same value, but that vintage Rolex has more than tripled in price in that time!

“I can’t bring myself to look at some of the prices of vintage pieces now compared to 3-5 years ago.”

When asked about the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on his trade, he responded:

“Although these have been very difficult times, the government is supporting businesses and people.

“What the future holds is very uncertain for everybody, no matter what line of business you are in.”

And if you were interested in trying your hand in the business, John recommends “empathy and knowledge (but not too much!)” as the most important traits, adding: “A wide range of knowledge is everything in this game!”

Million Pound Pawn airs on ITV at 8pm.