Snowfall blanketed roads and streets in the north of Surrey on Wednesday morning (January 6) bringing some beautiful sights while posing dangerous conditions for travellers.

The Met Office warned of scattered showers in the region on Wednesday and the early hours brought dustings of snowfall to a number of spots in the north of the county.

Beautiful images of snow-covered streets in Warlingham and elsewhere in the county circulated on social media after residents emerged to the new snowfall.

Highways England meanwhile reported snow on the M25 in Surrey, tweeting images of heavy snowfall picked up on highway cameras around Junctions 5 and 6.

"We've recently had reports of #snow falling on the highest parts of the M25 and M26," the Met Office warned road users on Wednesday.

"Please take extra care on those essential journeys," they added.

In a later update, the national weather agency added they expected further scattered showers through Wednesday and into Thursday, suggesting further snow could be on the way.

"Yellow Warning Issued.

"Further wintry showers leading to icy stretches on untreated surfaces.

"1600 today to 1000 Thursday," a spokesperson said on Twitter.

Snowfall has become less common in UK winters with the advance of the climate crisis and global heating.

Met Office data shows that the chances of a snowy or 'white' Christmas have fallen with the higher temperatures brought by the climate crisis.