London is braced for new Tier 3 level restrictions in the coming days, with an announcement possibly due today after a recent surge in cases.

Ministers and officials are said to be "deeply concerned" about a sharp rise in Covid-19 cases across the capital, and the BBC have reported inside sources being briefed on the likelihood of heavier rules.

Sadiq Khan has said it is "possible" that the jump in tiers could be announced today.

Health secretary Matt Hancock is due to make an official statemetn at 15:30 on the matter.

But the London Mayor has urged ministers to act "with open eyes" and avoid damaging the capital's economy, and warned that Tier 3 could have "catastrophic consequences" for retail, hospitality and more.

One London MP told ITV News that Tier 3 "seems ineviatable" for London, and that they "can't see it going anny other way."

London MPs have reportedly been briefed on the data, and although no official decision has been made, there has been an "exponential growth" in cases in south east London.